Nyt fra ‘Mission Impossible 6’

‘Mission Impossible 6’ er på vej og dette betyder at vi endnu engang skal til at se Tom Cruise, i alle de stunts han har kunne få fingrene i. ‘Mission Impossible 6’ bliver instrueret af Christopher McQuarrie og han fortæller lidt om hvad vi kan forvente, i et interview:

“I’ve seen five of these movies and I don’t know who Ethan Hunt is. One movie sort of dealt with his personal life; the other movies are about people speculating what’s really going on in Ethan’s head. I want to know who Ethan is in this movie, I want an emotional journey for this character, and Tom really embraced it. I don’t want to string together a bunch of action scenes, I want to actually deal with character’. So I put Ethan in a bunch of complicated moral quandaries, and I’m trying to find ways to connect them – and then, ironically, the way to connect them was through giant action scenes.” 

Udover Tom Cruise som er hovedrollen, ser vi i ‘Mission Impossible 6’ Ving Rhames tilbagevenden i rollen som Luther Stickell, Rebecca Ferguson som IIsa Faust, Simon Pegg som Benjamin Dunn og Henry Cavill slutter sig også til rollelisten.

mission impossible
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