robin hood

Første kig på en ny, gritty og edgy ‘Robin Hood’

Her er første kig på en ny, gritty og edgy ‘Robin Hood’. Taron Egerton spiller hovedrollen og har bl.a. også Jamie Foxx med som Lille John (uhh..edgy). ‘Robin Hood’ instruktør Otto Bathurst udtaler:

“To be honest, when this film was first offered to me, I turn it down immediately…The world doesn’t need another Robin Hood film, we had enough. But when I started to look into it and investigate this man and legend, the story seemed more relevant today than it has ever been. For me, making a film is about reflecting what’s going on at the moment, to bring back something to humanity, to society. So there is a purpose to the film rather than being pure entertainment. We want to be entertained as well. Every day the film seems to be more and more important. This will be a great peace of entertainment, but there is also a real subtext to the movie about government, corruption and the power of individual to bring change to society. It’s about 99% being ruled by 1% and if any of us, any normal man has the strength and the courage to stand up and fight for the truth, then the real change can happen. That is the strong message of Robin Hood and it’s going to be an even stronger message of my Robin Hood.”

Optagelserne til ‘Robin Hood’ er i gang i  Dubrovnik, Kroatien og vi holder dig opdateret med nyt om ‘Robin Hood’.

robin hood